Waupaca County Fair Exhibitor Regulations

Premium Regulations for State Aid

Premium Regulations for State Aid are governed by the Waupaca County Fair Board in compliance with the rules set forth by Chapter ATCP. 160 Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, County and District Fairs. If there is elimination or reduction of state aid, there may be adjustments to premiums, gate passes or the addition of stall fees.

General Notices

The Waupaca County Fair Board has adopted a policy stating there shall be no euthanizing or butchering of large animals, small animals or poultry on the grounds at the time of the Waupaca
County Fair.

No Alcohol Carry-Ins Allowed

For the safety of all fair attendees and fair animals there will be no barbecue grills or fire pits allowed in or near the barns or youth building.

Special Notice

To All Exhibitors and Visitors at the Waupaca County Fair All persons are notified that the fairgrounds are county property and any individuals detected or known to have damaged locks or broken open any buildings, removed boards from the enclosure or in any other way trespassed upon or injured the property of the county, will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law (Sec. 442 W.S. 1898).

Section 4571: “Any person who shall willfully and without right enter any agricultural or industrial fairgrounds, which are duly enclosed by a fence, not less than six feet high, during any fair or exhibition, by climbing over or passing through or under such fence, or by using the ticket or badge of some other person in any way, shall be punished by a fine not exceeding fifty dollars.” The Fair Board reserves the right to interpret rules as needed.

Fire and Police Protection

The grounds of the Association are located about a half-mile distance from the principal fire station of the City of Weyauwega, and every precaution will be taken to prevent conflagration. A strong police and detective force will be on duty day and night to guard the interests of the exhibitors and patrons of the fair, but the Association will not assume any responsibility or pay for any losses or
damage from fire, theft or violence. Exhibitors must take their own risk. Policemen will be sworn in as conservators of the peace, and it shall be their duty to arrest any person creating any disorder or violating any rules of the state. The board of directors of the Waupaca County Fair Association will take every precautionary measure in its power for preservation of the articles and stock on exhibition. But the Association will not be responsible for any loss that may occur!

Exhibitor Fees & Deliveries

  • Junior Fair Exhibitor Entry Fee — $10.00 for less than 50 items. $12.00 for over 50 to 100 items $16.00 for over 100 entries (due with entry form).
  • Open Class Exhibitor Entry Fee - $30 for first 25 items and $10 for each additional 25 items. Fee includes season pass. $15 for 25 items without a season pass. Nursing home, institutionalized-care residents or Just starting youth under 15 entry fee is $5.

Autos, trucks, wagons or other vehicles used to deliver supplies and animal-care needs to the grounds need to do so prior to 11 am. Any vehicle that makes deliveries on the fairgrounds must leave after delivery and park in specified parking areas by 11 am. Members are not entitled to the privilege of running automobiles on or off the fairgrounds for the purpose of conveying people or supplies without paying the regular fee charged non-members. Single admission tickets will be on sale each day of the fair. Season tickets may be purchased in advance online, or at the fairgrounds during the fair. Transfer or loan of season tickets, checks or badges will be considered fraud upon the Association.

Information for Open Class Exhibitors Ag. 5.04

Remember, this is your Fair, Waupaca County’s Fair, and your suggestion or honest criticism will be welcomed. No premiums will be paid on any articles not listed herein. All bills and claims (exclusive of premiums) must be presented to the Secretary by October 21 following the fair. No payments will be made before that time. Please do not ask the Secretary for a check before that time. After October 21, checks will be mailed from the Secretary’s office. Labor and other accounts. The same rule will apply to other accounts payable. If, after October 21, it appears that revenue
received was insufficient to make full payments on accounts due, right is reserved to make prorated payments. All Junior Fair animal regulations apply to Open class.