Supplemental Vendor Information

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Fair Hours:

The Waupaca County Fair Commercial Exhibit Building will be open to the public Thursday through Sunday. Each exhibitor is strongly encouraged to keep at least one attendant in their booth during all designated times except for restroom or lunch breaks. The fair cannot be held responsible for any theft, damage, vandalism, or any activity causing loss to the exhibitor. Commercial building hours will be 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM Thursday through Saturday and 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM on Sunday. The fairgrounds will be open from 8:00am – close each day. Hours are subject to change at the discretion of the Waupaca County Fair.


All attempts will be made to provide power as requested. Please be patient – an electrician will be available to assist you (with advanced notice) and will check on all of your hookups for safety and code. Please bring the proper power cords/extension cords and outlet ends to cover your specific needs. Most outdoor pedestals have one 50 amp, one 30 amp and two 110 outlets. Please plan accordingly.

Potable Water, Gray Water and Cooking Oil Disposal:

Bring water hose and containers for cleaning your utensils, etc. Be sure to bring enough food-grade hose and splitters for any circumstances! All food vendors must dispose of gray water and used cooking oil at specially designated locations and in the designated containers only. You will be given the disposal locations at check-in. No gray water or used cooking oil may be disposed of in any other way – violators of this rule are subject to removal from the event and payment of all related costs in the clean-up of contaminated areas.

Trash Receptacles:

All vendors are responsible for keeping their areas clean and free of trash. Please bring trash bags along and use them as needed. Make sure you have plenty of trash receptacles near your area, and replace garbage liners as needed. Filled trash bags should be put in the appropriate dumpsters located throughout the grounds. Trash pick-ups will be made as often as possible during the day. Please keep the area around your vendor space clean at all times!

Grounds/Parking Passes:

One Waupaca County Fair Official Vendor parking pass and two season passes will be provided upon check-in for each booth/spot rented. You will be provided with a pass that will be for a specific lot or parking area and you must park only in that designated area. This also includes camping. Failure to comply may result in your removal from the event or loss of parking privileges.

Safety, Fire and Health Codes:

The exhibitor must comply with all safety, fire, and health ordinances and laws of the City of Weyauwega, County of Waupaca, the State of Wisconsin, and the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection and the Markets of the State of Wisconsin. Food vendors must comply with appropriate ansul systems according to NFPA regulations and will be inspected by Weyauwega Fire Department Inspectors. Failure to comply will result in the shutdown of your food stand for safety reasons!


Exhibitors must provide a certificate of liability insurance listing the Waupaca County Fair as an additional insured and certificate holder. The fair will not be liable for any damage or loss to exhibitors’ property through theft, fire, accident, or any other cause. Exhibitors must insure their own exhibit and materials. A current certificate of insurance must be provided before any setup is allowed – no exceptions.

Please see review your contract and additional information, rules and regulations you received. Items are subject to change at the discretion of the Waupaca County Fair and management staff. Thank you!

Thank you!